Access Control System

Restrict entrance to your premises to authorized individuals and assign rights that specify which areas each person can access.

Electric Strike

An electric strike is an access control device used for doors. It replaces the fixed strike faceplate. It normally presents a ramped surface to the locking latch allowing the door to close and latch just like a fixed strike would. However, an electric strike's ramped surface can, upon command, pivot out of the way of the latch allowing the door to be pushed open.


Keyless Entry

Affordable single door access control keypad

Intercom Systems

We have many types of intercom systems and the most common are Single Unit Intercom System, Multiunit Intercom System, and Phone line Systems.


Single Unit Intercom System

This system has many different models for many different usage.

Multiunit Intercom System

This system is the luxury range of audio and video outdoor panels for buildings. It stands out for its design, versatility, and reliably. The are many different profiles, all of them the same width but with different height, button capacities, and mailman access.



Phone line Systems

The stainless steel and rain hood construction is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This products have many standard built-in features